Asset, Facility and Property Management Services


Property and Operation Management of income-producing properties:


  • Continue to build an integral portfolio of high quality managed properties in the condominium, residential, commercial and industrial sectors; to ensure and offer the highest standards of property management and leasing to owners and asset managers interested in protecting their investments.



  • Tailor our management, leasing and accounting services to best suit the needs of our clients.


  • Create short, mid and long term projections on the property for review and approval by our clients.


  • Market vacant premises through our real estate office or affiliates, or other licensed brokerage associates by  increasing the cash flow of the property by reducing vacancies. Other services that our brokerage team can provide include due diligence reports and market analysis reports on quoted markets.


  • Where applicable in a commercial portfolio to establish highest and best use tenancy mixture for the property in order to maximize yields with stronger covenants by securing deals with sound national tenants.


  • Prepare operating budgets with income forecasts and leasing/renewal projections.


  • Provide other services such as assisting our clients in refinancing, obtaining better insurance coverage at competitive premiums, and to proposing investment property opportunities  with good track record for consideration.


  • Supervise all restoration, construction and leasehold improvement projects, including capital work and construction of build-to-suit properties.


  • Provide complete ongoing financial reporting.


  • Provide Facility Management include all of the above services which will ensure trouble tree, day to day on going operations of the property for single tenant users.



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